Understanding Check-ins

In this guide we will talk about what Check-ins are and how to check in. Check-ins are the updates that you or your co-coworkers must provide in order to update the progress made on each individual Key Result, which will in turn update the progress made on the Objective. Check-ins will come from the person assigned to the Key Result (Direct Contributor) at weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals.

1. If you have been assigned a Key Result, you will need to post Check-ins in order to update its progress.

2. To check in, you can access the associated Objective and its Key Results by clicking on My Objectives tab in the menu on the left. After that, click on the Objective to expand it and show its Key Results. Click on the Check-ins button. The number under the button indicates the number of completed/required check-ins for that Key Result. In this example, we will need to check in 13 times during this quarter once a week.

3. You can also check in and update the Key Results which have been assigned to you by clicking on the Check in Your Results tab.

4. Enter the Check-in Score appropriate for the measurement of the Key Result (for example, if the key result is measured as a percentage, enter the percentage achieved since first starting to work on this Key Result) in the Add New Check-in tab. Add any additional notes and click on the turquoise Save new check-in button.

5. The progress bar will be updated accordingly.

The Current Key Result Success bar progress

6. You can see the summary and details of all previous Check-ins in the Check-in List tab. You can also make edits to the previous Check-ins by clicking on the underlined score or the notes or delete them by clicking on the Trash Can icon. After making any changes, please click on the turquoise Save Changes button.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our Support Team and we would be glad to assist you!