OKR Template for a Media Company

Mac&Chill is a Media company with 50 employees which operates in New York, United States. Their main operation is right...
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OKR Template for an Energy Company


OKR Template for a Logistics Company

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OKR is a widely used system for tracking down the success of a company. OKR tools and systems helps you track the performance of your employees according to assigned quarterly objectives. Each objective has several key results that would help achieve the final objective. One may add weekly, monthly and quarterly check-ins for the key results. Here, you may find more information about what is an OKR? In our free excel OKR templates you may add objectives for employees, teams and departments. Moreover, you may follow the progress of each key results related to the objectives.
Okr is used most widely in sectors such as IT, Technology, Healthcare, Energy, Logistics and HR. Therefore, we added some examples of objectives and key results related to each sector along with our template. In addition, some department OKRs and individual OKRs are given as example in the related sections.

How to Use Our Template?


To begin with, you need to add your vision and mission of your company. Afterwards, you need to add the quarter for which you are adding your objectives. Consequently, you should add the objectives for each team member, team or department and the key result for each objective. Lastly, you need to add your updates weekly monthly and quarterly. Our template will do the rest for you!
You may see a summary table in our OKR templates where you may find all the information about the employees, teams, departments and their progress. Hence, you may keep track of your company’s progress as a whole in terms of individuals, teams or departments.

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