OKR Template for a Healthcare Company

ABC Healthcare is a healthcare company with 200 employees which operates in San Ramon, California. The company wants to implement the OKRs system to its operations to be able to track down the performances of departments, teams and employees. However, they first wanted to try a free OKR Template for a Healthcare company to be familiar with the system. Moreover, they wanted to see how well the system meets their needs.

Here, we will first see some examples of objectives and key results assigned to the company. Afterwards, there will be some OKRs assigned to the HR department of the healthcare company, and to the head of HR department of the company. Finally, there are some screenshots from the OKR Template that they are using.


OKR Examples for a Healthcare Company



OKR Examples for the HR Department of a Healthcare Company



OKR Example for Head of HR Department of a Healthcare Company



Alright, we have examined some examples of OKRs assigned to a certain department and an employee in addition to the company OKRs. Using the OKRs template, one may assign quarterly objectives to employees, teams and departments. In addition, you may find a summary table where you can analyze all the results of the teams, departments and individuals.

OKR Templater for a Healthcare company

Here, there is a screen of the OKR template for a healthcare company. You may see an objective of the HR Department and their key results. The objective is quarterly but you may add weekly check-ins for the key results of the objectives. You may see the progress regarding each objective and key result. In addition, you may add some notes.

OKR Template for a Healthcare company


The OKR Template also offers a summary table where you may see the summary regarding to each department, each team and each employee. Here, you may see the summary of the OKRs of HR Department.