Spectrum of Operating Models

You can provide an efficient workflow with a Spectrum of Working Models Template that you can create and control the working models of your company departments.

Performance & Efficiency

When working remotely, job tracking gets done by the task management program. Although the assigned duties are under the responsibility of the manager, it is expected that they will be given a task that can be done within the relevant working hours and covers the working hours of the employee.


When working remotely, the employee is expected to be online in the program which is used throughout the company, where it will appear that they are online.


The maximum time an employee can spend without coming to the office should be (4) weeks.*(will become clear at the end of the study)

Remote Working models turned into approved methods apart from short-term solutions even the pandemic is over after all.  

Several businesses adopted different types of this new work environment permanently. Global trends tell us that different operating models for remote jobs and hybrid working have been shaping the whole structure of business hiring and HR departments as well as employee perspectives.

Even though it became a part of the new normal since 2020 (pandemic-related lockdowns), remote work or ‘working from home jobs’ is not a brand new concept. Remote work had been a standard working procedure especially freelancer positions or abroad job hirings. Hybrid models were also being used by well-known tech companies in an experimental manner. However, in the spring of 2020 it took only a few weeks that number escalated incredibly for all positions; from interns to vice presidents and even CEOs! Conducting business contracts through a laptop screen became a daily routine for managers in global.

After the most devastating months of Covid-19 pandemic are over, the teams partly started to turn offices. However, remote working model is still preferred both by managers & employees and different types of hybrid solutions are significantly attractive as operating models. Corvisio business templates provide a specific Spectrum of Operating Models that can be specialized according to the industry of the business or the company’s dynamics. Corvisio Operating Models template presents examples for various patterns; mainly 8 operating models are identified via expert management consultants of Corvisio. By means of Spectrum of Operating Models template choosing the right alternative according your business structure is possible. 

With the Corvisio remote work template, you can easily manage your workflows and controls, and ensure that the organization is easily understood by the employees.

With the Corvisio Spectrum of Operating Models
Alternative Working Models

Fully Flexible Hybrid

Need Model

Remote Friendly Hybrid

Hybrid Remote Office

Split Weekly Model

Office Centered Hybrid

Week by Week Sharing Model

Shift Work

Differences Between Hybrid & Remote Working Models

Remote work or remote jobs can be identified as working by remote access. Fully remote jobs allow the teams to figure a more flexible schedule, from anywhere, which is much more ideal for several employees within the modern workforce.

On the other hand, the hybrid working model consists of teams who choose mixed environments. For instance, a number of employees may work remotely part of the week and the rest of the team may work within the office. By the means of implementing hybrid working model, a number of team members that favor face-to-face working are returning to the office, while others remain working from home or anywhere they choose.

Today, as many businesses transform back to in-office work, hybrid model is even more trending and preferrable among firms. The polls and surveys show that the hybrid work model is here to remain for longer terms as a work environment option.

Corvisio business templates guide the companies for choosing the best model according to the particular needs of the teams. Because the spectrum is wide and determining the best model relies solely on what works best for the teams. Corvisio Spectrum of Operating Models template is a signature example for management consultancy and remote & hybrid job options.

Some Scenario Based Alternatives

(Different Application Between Departments)

You can review the determined working models on the basis of departments. And accordingly, you can plan the business volume and enable the employees to organize themselves.


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