Corvisio Scorecard

OKR’s trademark Corvisio presents a new perspective to the business and performance scorecard templates: Corvisio Scorecard! The new Corvisio Scorecard is designed specifically by our teams in order to monitor all progress and process of teams and individuals transparently. No more boring templates or confusing sheets! Corvisio Scorecard template enables to check all parameters of business balance scorecard and individual performance metrics with a user friendly graphic design. Let’s dive deeper…

A balanced scorecard refers to visualization of performance processes of a company or an organization into a “corporate scorecard”. Balanced scorecard is a strategic management methodology developed by Harvard University Professor Robert Steven Kaplan and David Norton, founder of Renaissance Solutions. Balanced scorecard is both an integrated management tool that uses various performance metrics and a “corporate learning” tool. The concept is based on the idea of linking business strategies with objectives and monitoring the indicators (KPIs) that represent these relationships to check whether the strategies are delivering the expected results. Hence Corvisio Scorecard provides a neat overview template to check the whole metrics at one glance unlikely complex sheets or numbers.

 Please check below examples of Corvisio scorecard templates:

Purposes Of Using
Corvisio Scorecard

Corvisio Balance Scorecard identifies the key elements for the investments at human resources departments and development processes while setting targets. The human factor must be included in the goals to support the improvement processes in business. Corvisio Balance Scorecard provides that point of view for executives and directors. An easy to monitor and analysis-friendly system is the most essential point in all of these performance measurements. Thanks to the Corvisio Scorecard, one can monitor all the KPI’s and measurements on one screen. Corvisio Scorecard is precisely designed as a composition of balance scorecard and performance scorecard in order to use business management both for managers and employees.

Corvisio Scorecard is designed to keep performance appraisal records and retrospectively to review the changes in the performance in future, both by managers and employees.

Benefits of Using
Corvisio Scorecard

There are various details to keep track of to measure the success of a company or project. That’s why it’s important to have a set of carefully-chosen performance measurement and key performance indicators (KPIs) in first place. Corvisio Scorecard templates help executives to manage the employees more effectively and align their objectives with their specific skills and expertise. By taking a closer look at how the teams are performing, managers can identify areas of improvement and take the right actions to maximize employee’s performance. By means of Corvisio Scorecard’s indicators one can develop performance measurement and KPIs for the white collar employees as well. Team leaders can measure performance within the specific project and track the initiatives to ensure success of the company. Organizations using the Corvisio Scorecard gains insight for approaching to strategic performance management. 

Benefits of using Corvisio Scorecard can be listed shortly as;

  • Better Strategic Planning
  • Enhanced Strategy Communication and Execution
  • Better Alignment of Projects
  • Know-how on Management Processes
  • Enhanced Performance Reporting
  • Better Organizational Alignment
  • Better Process Alignment



With the Corvisio Scorecard
monitor your performance on one screen!

By means of three different scoring systems, (Score tracking, User KPIs & Core Values, Competencies) one can measure the performance in business and check the scores of the KPIs and Core values as well as competencies. By means of that individuals are able to compare the team’s grade with their own grade and analyze the  areas of improvement! Therefore, Corvisio scorecard provide advantages in strategic management as well. The custom-designed Corvisio scorecards serves as balanced scorecard for measuring company performance.

Score Tracking

Corvisio Scorecard plays a significant role in tracking the progress of an organization, project, or department. The score tracking is the essential chart to review the general concepts and also gives a fair idea of how much work is being done to achieve the desired goals or targets over a period of time. Score tracking is held on 4 main grounds at business scorecards as Financial, Customer, Processes and people (Learning & Growth). These main factors are measured according to specific targets

KPI’s Tracking

A company may have a variety of KPIs to track and measure the company’s progress towards its strategic goals and objectives. Corvisio Scorecard is a tool that can help you profile your company’s performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and track progress toward key objectives. Additionally, scorecard also plays an important role in motivating and monitoring the performance of the employees. Proper monitoring of the employees and their performance is possible by using the right scorecard. There may be many alternatives for scorecard templates; however Corvisio Scorecard is the best-organized tool to analyze and track the progress of the business metrics. By means of Score tracking system you can track performance, set goals and monitor progress towards those goals. Get in touch now to find out how scorecard is beneficial for your business.

Consider Your Values

In 21st century businesses need to stay on top of their game in the competitive markets. The methodical balance scorecards lead the way in order to grow, expand and succeed. Accordingly Corvisio Scorecard can help firms to keep track of everything from the financial metrics to customer satisfaction ratings. Different sorts of comparisons is possible by comprehensive data about the current performance. On the other hand, the most essential factor affecting the individual’s performance is the core values. Individuals can measure their performance with the Corvisio scorecard, taking into account their values that lay the foundations of their success. As a consequence, Corvisio Scorecard serves a general concept to monitor the performance of the business, teams and individuals and guides the related departments or executives to handle correct decisions and improve the business performance as a whole.  

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