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What is Work Automation?

We can define work automation, the main purpose of which is to increase efficiency, as an corporate transformation. Because it also provides transparency and compatibility between processes. Companies need automation to easily move the written documents they create for projects, business processes and their approvals to another time or location. Thus, physically complex tasks are made easier thanks to automation.With the help of the work automation software, progresses in tasks and projects are accelerated in individual and team works. In addition, there are answers to questions such as what inefficiencies exist in these processes, which points should be improved.

The beginning of technological developments actually dates back several centuries. As technological studies have yielded results, different professions have been created by integrating them into business life. In fact, jobs requiring long processes with manpower started to be completed much faster in this way. Thus, people can focus more on their priority work, especially with the development of software today. This brings efficiency, which is inevitable.

For the first time in 2005, Kiva started to bring the necessary tools to robot workers. It was powerful enough to functionally automate sensors and systems, automation and artificial intelligence. In addition, Baxter began loading goods in 2011, and IBM's Watson computer won Jeopardy.


“All the modern things have always existed. They were just waiting in a mountain to take over… It’s their time now.” - Bjork


Algorithms can now train machines to make complex decisions. Thus, automation becomes an integral part of our daily life over time. To support this opinion with some examples:

  • Assistants who are activated by voice and certain questions and are found in technological devices such as phones,
  • Assistants guiding in cars.

Work automation tool provides a visual aspect where you can build your processes and repetitive tasks without coding or a lot of technical knowledge. Work automation is a very flexible tool so that every kind of industry, department, people can use it. It offers flexible customizations. Work automation tool addresses a general need to organize, prioritize and visualize work. Through analysis, you learn how to get things done in more effective ways.


You can set your New-to-do list with free Work Automation Software module of Corvisio for the responsible person. Determine the priority level and time.

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assignment management


You can see the tasks assigned to each employee and department under one roof. You can also keep track of who the task is assigned to and its status.


By year, you can add reminders to all employees by assigning tasks for specific time periods of the job.

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With the help of the Corvisio Workflow Management System solution, you can speed up the organization processes of all the tasks to be performed and automate them in an electronic environment. In addition, you can integrate these processes with existing operational systems to minimize human error. Thus, you save time by eliminating unnecessary waiting. As a result, your time saving process will bring your costs down. And, the financial profit mentioned here is not small amounts. It is a factor that will result in million dollar profits that will cause significant changes. By using the workflow management system solution, you can support the emergence of corporate role definitions and ensure that the processes become independent from individuals by becoming role-based traceable. Unlike traditional operation, with Corvisio Workflow Management, we ensure that all workflows are handled with a process-oriented approach, making the organization to serve the whole.


At its most basic level, a work automation tool is used to help individuals, teams or businesses stay organized. Part of being organized includes setting priorities for assignments, visualizing the progress of tasks as they pass through stages of completion and compiling analysis or reports to direct future tasks and workflows.


A project board lets you organize your assignments by priority so you can ensure that the most important things are completed first. Work automation tools are easy to update. By prioritizing assignments we are able to focus on how work should be attacked, rather than jumping from one item to another without any direction.


Not only will visualizing assignments help you remember what you need to do, but it helps you better understand the whole parts of the project. This means work automation tools are easily accessible by everyone. When every item is laid out in a way that is easy to comprehend, dependencies become clear and collaboration is natural.


Work automation tools produce concrete data that can be reviewed and digested so end users can easily grasp what they are doing, what they have done and how things can be done better. Work automation tools always provide for some form of analysis, whether it is a formula that you have created or something built into the tool. This is an essential part improving the way things get done.


  • Reduce errors with automated process by eliminating the manipulation of papers. As a result, you can store your documents on your automated system. It brings both saving money and time.
  • Map processes and better understand dependencies between tasks within your organization through scheduler and workflow studio. Because of all of your information stored in the system, it gives you more precise and clear data.
  • Improve time to result or time to access some information. One of the most important features of Work automation systems is to complete the work that takes long processes with human power in a short time. Thus, individuals can show their success more effectively in the areas where their personal abilities are stronger. Thus, more innovative methods emerge.
  • Build a solid base of processes to support business changes, adapt to market trends and focus on innovation. As with many other software systems, you must first determine the most important points in your business process. Then, you should configure automation. In this way, all steps in the process are clearly manifested. As a result, while you follow the process, you follow the level of work.
  • Manage departments and teams in different places. It is impossible to handle many jobs at the same time in many places. For example, when you go on a business trip, it is very difficult to organize the office from where you go. However, thanks to the work automation systems, you can manage your work from another place and monitor how far the employees have made in their work.


Of course, the benefits of work automation systems cannot be underestimated. However, some of the challenges cannot be ignored. A few are as follows.

  • Integration of the system

You should test whether the work automation system, which you find suitable and budgeted, matches your current system.

  • Return on investment

Software based automations can be at high prices, especially since they can be developed on a company basis. For this reason, you should be sure of the budget you allocate and the priorities you decide when allocating this budget.

  • Complexity

You prefer these automations to make your complex work in a shorter time and easily. Therefore, it is an important point that the system does not make it difficult for you to learn.

  • Information security

We get news of hacking attempts almost every day in technologically connected systems, which is much easier in a time when information has spread so quickly.