History of OKRA Glance to OKR History…

Recently, OKR has been an indispensable tool for the largest and most powerful companies in the world. But, Where the OKR did originate from? Let’s take a look for OKR history…

John Doerr was a good investor, and had so many success. Once, he wrote a book named “Measure What Matters”. His book is all about objectives and key results. Even, it clearly explains why and how this method works very well.

In fact, Doerr was inspired to utilize OKR by Andy Grove. Grove was Intel’s very first hire and became the CEO in the end of 1980s. Moreover, he increased the company’s revenue 10 times.

However, there hasn’t been a notion as OKR yet. So, Grove distilled what is called Management by Objectives(MBO) into a brief outline.

In his book, High Output Management(1983), Grove initially explains a main characteristic of successful OKR, which is effect of orderly implementing: “A manager’s objectives are supported by an appropriate set of key results. His objectives, in turn, are tied to his supervisor’s objectives, so that if the manager meets his objectives, his supervisor will meet his.”

In this way, OKR have systemized over years. Thanks to this improvement, there’re such questions created to promote OKR more fertilely, at the end of 90s. The former is, “Where do I want to go”, and the latter is, “How will I know ‘m getting there?”. Objectives and key results became based on these questions. This situation ensures a new paradigm for OKR implementing. That paradigm helps OKR to spread all around the World.

At last but not least, there has been another event about OKR in the beginning of 21st century. Google decided to take advantage of OKR’s benefits. Nowadays, many large companies use OKR, such as Intel, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zynga, Oracle and others.