How Google uses OKRsAlthough there are so many way to improve a company’s business status, OKRs have become widely used way day by day. For instance, Google benefits from what OKRs provide to progress, too. But, how does Google OKRs?

Almost 6 years ago, one of the Google’s investors made a presentation and, said that it is the time for beginning to use OKR for reaching Google’s future goals.

According to that presentation, Google operates OKR as firstly set up an objective. Google’s investor indicated some features that should be kept in view:

* The Objective

– is ambitious

– feels a tad uncomfortable

– definitive and measurable

When you set up an objective, initially you should define a goal by a sentence. For example, if the goal is “make my website prettier”, convert it to measurable and numerical parameters. “make my website 30% faster”, or, “increase engagement 20%” may become your objectives.

Features of Google’s Objectives

When Google’s partner Rick Klau worked on blogger at Google, he set up a few objectives for each quarter. Google choose two types of OKRs: annual OKRs, and quarterly OKRs.

annual OKRs > can evolve as the year evolves, flexible

quarterly OKRs > not any change

He also says that Google promotes OKRs at a company level, at a team level, and at a personal level. Thanks to this, every kind of business comes together to keep company on track.

 As an Example of Google’s OKRs

– Objective: Improve Blogger’s Reputation

 – Key Results:

  Re-establish Blogger’s leadership by speaking at 3 industry events

Coordinate Blogger’s 10th birthday PR efforts

ID and personally reach out to top xx Blogger users

Fix DMCA processes, eliminate music blog takedowns

Set up @blogger on Twitter, regularly participate in discussions re: Blogger product