OKR Template for a Media Company

okr template for a media company

Mac&Chill is a Media company with 50 employees which operates in New York, United States. Their main operation is right now providing series and movies in an online platform. Because of the Covid - 19 pandemic in the second quarter they are expecting a boom in the sales. The marketing department is mainly working on increasing the user base. The company also wants to offer free services to help people in quarantine.

One problem the company faces now is that it needs more employees to meet the growing requests of its customer base. However, it gets even harder to track the employees performances especially when they are working remotely.

Therefore, the company wants to implement the OKRs system to its operations to be able to track down the performances of departments, teams and employees. However, they first wanted to try a free OKR Template for a media company to be familiar with the system. Moreover, they wanted to see how well the system meets their needs.

Here, we will first see some examples of objectives and key results assigned to the company. Afterwards, there will be some OKRs assigned to the marketing department of the media company, and for the head of HR team of the company. Finally, there is a screenshot from the OKR Template that they are using as a trial right now.


OKR Examples for a Media Company

  • Key Result 1: Sign new contracts to add 5 new popular TV Series to the base
  • Key Result 2: Launch 1 new movie in the first quarter
  • Key Result 3: Start building up a cast and sign contracts with 10 actors and actresses for the new TV series
  • Key Result 1: Initiate a process that would enable customers to watch 3 movies for free with a free signup
  • Key Result 2: Deliver the first season of top rated 5 series for free
  • Key Result 3: Create a new free signup screen that would enable users to reach the contents



OKR Example for the Marketing Department of a Media Company

  • Key Result 1: Gain 200 new conversions either paid or nonpaid
  • Key Result 2: Decrease bounce rate to 2% for this quarter
  • Key Result 3: Initiate 3 new ad campaigns on different channels



OKR Example for the head of the head of HR Department of a Media Company

  • Key Result 1: Set meetings with the head of all 5 departments to describe the methodology
  • Key Result 2: Prepare a weekly meeting schedule with 5 departments to observe the process
  • Key Result 3: Get continuous feedbacks from the employees and act on 15 of them



So, what does the template look like?

Alright, we have examined some examples of OKRs assigned to a certain department and an employee in addition to the company OKRs. Using the OKR template for a media company, one may assign quarterly objectives to employees, teams and departments. Moreover, you may find a summary table where you can find all the results of the teams, departments and individuals.


okr template for a media company


In this screenshot from the template, you can see objectives assigned to the head of HR department of a Media Company.  The numeric quarterly objectives might be followed both by the employee and the employer by adding weekly checkins.


For more detailed information about how to use the template click here.