OKR Software

Corvisio OKR Software helps you to align your company with your vision and mission

Objectives and key results, OKRs, is a management methodology used by large companies ranging from Google, Intel to the small startups. It helps you to macro manage your organisation rather then micro manage, ensures organisation wide awareness of your vision and mission. OKR Software improves overall productivity and employee loyalty. You can use free OKR Software module of Corvisio for your teams or your company or start up. Measure what matters.  Contact us for more details.

Determine your Vision and Mission

Determine or revise your vision and mission as a company. This is important because OKR Software work will be based on that.

Set your Company Objectives and Key Results

You can set your company OKRs with free OKR Software module of Corvisio as a quarterly or yearly basis. Objectives will be broad statements like "Being most customer centric company in our field" and Key Results are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time Bound) metrics that totally will determine if you have achieved your broad-stated objective or not.

Let your departments and individuals set their own OKRs.

Once you have determined company-wide OKR Software settings, now it is departments' and individuals' turn to set their own OKR Software settings based on that information. By doing such a work, every single person in the organization understands and contributes to more important priorities of your company.

Track, Evaluate and Set new OKRs every month/quarter/year.

Once set, it is very important to follow up progress made on OKRs at least once a month. You can evaluate overall performance of your Company OKRs quarterly and set new OKRs. Every year, it is a good practice to make at least one overall OKR evaluation company wide and set new ones for the upcoming year.

Start OKR implementation. Measure what matters.