How to Set Realistic Goals

“What we like to think of ourselves and what we really are rarely have much in common….”

Stephen King

Once, at age 5, we want to be an owner of a toy shop

At age 8 we want to be an astronaut

Then, at age 11 we want to be a singer

At age 14 we want to have more friends

At age 17 we want to be successful

Right now, we should know how to set realistic goals!


What is the next step after we set goals?

It is necessary to review again before working on it. We need to make sure that we think realistically enough. Because achieving our goals is a challenging, long journey.

how to set realistic goals


1)Know what you want exactly

Make sure that consequences of your goals are something that you desired. Because, while you are trying to achieve your goals, your commitment will be a cornerstone. There will be lots of obstacles that maybe you cannot imagine. The only way to overcome is your faith. Meanwhile, it is better if you clarify it, too.

2)Be prepared

You can determine some sub-goals. Because it will be helpful if you divide into steps. It is also an important source of motivation and a chain to write down your goals and opportunities that can be achieved when you reach them. Research shows that seeing something in writing increases your confidence. It is also favorable if you record your progress. It will be very motivational.

3)Consider constraints

There might be some problems out of your control. Hence, determine how much effort that you have to make on the way to the goal. Ask yourself how much it cost. Recognize what skills you need to improve or additionally, what you should learn.


“The game has its ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your individual goals and you can’t let yourself be beat because of lack of effort.”

                                                                                           Michael Jordan

how to set realistic goals

Think about new year resolutions

Imagine Monday diets

#Realistic goals are not like that!