How to add new Key Results for your Objective

After creating your Objective, let us focus on adding the Key Results. Key Results will serve as measurable and concrete steps to achieve before the Objective is accomplished.

1. If you have just created your Objective, you will be able to add Key Results by clicking the + Add a New Key Result button. If you have navigated away from the Objective, you will be able to find it by clicking on the OKR Dashboard tab and then on All Objectives. After that, select your Objective and click on the Details button.

OKR Objective details screen where you can add a new Key Result for the Objective

2. Create the name for the Key Result. You can add additional notes explaining the importance of this Key Result if desired. After that, select how you would like to measure your Key Result. You can measure it as a number (Sign up 1000 new customers monthly), as currency (Increase sales by $50,000), as a percentage (Reduce churn rate by 5%) or as a boolean (Send a team to Oracle Open World conference). Select the name of the direct contributor. It is the person to whom the objective will be assigned and from whom the Check-ins (or updates) will come from. After that, set the current and target values for this Key Result, the aim and the interval at which the Check-ins for this Key Result should be posted and click on the turquoise Save button.

3. To edit either the Objective or the Key Result, click on OKR Dashboard>All Objectives>select the Objective you would like to edit and click on Details. Click on the gray blue Edit button to edit the Objective and on the blue Pencil icon to edit the Key Result.

OKR Objective screen lets you edit both the Objective and the Key Result


If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our Support Team and we would be glad to assist you!