Goal Tracking

Follow your processes in all your goals you create and update them as you succeed!

Check-in and Update

Seeing you succeed will motivate you even more! Set key results and update your achievements to achieve your goals. By this way, stay motivated!

1.Create an Objective

Write a Objective name, choose user, department or company, select quarter and save your objectives.

2. Add a Key Result

Write a key result name, choose unit to measure, set update interval and save Key Result!

3.Submit an Update

Add and save notes about this key result.

Discover that success is not about luck but about planning, thanks to Corvisio!

Set your goal, create and fulfill your tasks. It's time to take the first step!

Tracking Score

Meet with the planning and tracking feature! One of the secrets of success is to follow the process. You can control the whole process and developments thanks to Corvisio! In this way, you can benefit from your experience.

Automatic Reminders

Corvisio is always with you; therefore, you do not forget anything on the way; you follow tasks and do it on time! Work effectively by completing your goals and tasks on time thanks to automatic reminders.

Task Management

The task management feature draws a clear roadmap for you to set the goal planning. With each target you set and you will increase your motivation by taking your score to the next level. 

Record All of Your Activities

Corvisio records all your activities so you can get inspiration from your previous achievements. You can quickly access your experiences and they will be enlightening for your next goal.

Our Integrations

Google, Facebook, Calendar, Outlook and LinkedIn.