Over 1.000+ Customized Templates

Set your goals, track & hit!

Corvisio offers you over 10,000+ templates in order to set your goals easily.

Benefits of Corvisio

Setting goals is a strong incentive power to succeed. Moreover, with this power, you can gain perspective that will improve your performance. The experience of success and the positive emotions provide self-confidence and faith. Thanks to Corvisio, you can set the right goals in a short time in today's world where time flows fast. Here is what corvisio provides;

Customized Templates

It offers over 1000+ templates to easily set your goals without spending too much time.

Traceable Process

It clears your doubts! Because you can track all the goals you set and see your progress!

Time Saver

It prevents you from wasting your time because of setting the wrong target.

Clear Interface

The most important factor that triggers fear is uncertainty. In the Corvisio interface, your goals and all the tasks you need to do are clear and you can log the tasks you have completed.

Check-in and Update

Written and recorded tasks have a driving force in success and wait for confirmation that they are done. In Corvisio, your reflex to update all your tasks will improve and you will not let laziness have a say!

Corvisio Template

1.Choose The Best Template For Yourself

Easily create the goal you want to set within the thousands of templates.

2.Make Changes If You Want

Is there a section in the template that you will not use? Edit now!

3.And Save, It's That Easy! 🙂

Your saved goal is now ready! It’s that easy to take your first step on the road to success! 🙂

How Do I Set My Goal Manually?

1.Create an Objective

Write a Objective name, choose user, department or company, select quarter and save your objectives.

2. Enter a Keyresult Name

Write a key result name, choose unit to measure, set update interval and save Key Result!

3.Save & Finish

Start by saving the objective and the key result you created! 🙂