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Corvisio OKR Software

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Corvisio OKR Software

What is an OKR?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is an approach that informs everyone in the organization where they should concentrate their efforts and directs the company to the common goal as a whole. In fact, it's a simple way to ensure that everyone is striving for the same result and that all operations are related to the company's goals.

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, which is a goal setting framework widely used by many companies. You can use it to set, track, evaluate your company goals and key results. You can set them weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. An OKR tool helps you manage your goal setting process easily with its intuitive and flexible features.​
John Doerr Investor of the Google and Amazon

OKRs are clear vessels for leaders’ priorities and insights.

Our Integrations

Google, Facebook, Calendar, Outlook and LinkedIn.


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Objective and key results (OKRs) boost efficacy and engagement by telling managers which team members are engaged. This information is easily accessible through a weekly OKR goals check-in process, which gives managers visibility into who’s achieving their OKRs. 

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