Aligning Your Objectives

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Aligning Your Objectives

Objectives and Key Results is an approach that lets everyone in the company, from the CEO to the intern, know exactly where they should concentrate their efforts. It directs the company to the common goal as a whole. That is why aligning user, department and company Objectives is so important to reaping the most benefits from using OKRs.

1. To align your Objective with another, simply select an already existing Objective from the dropdown menu when creating or editing the Objective.

okr alignment

Please note that you are only able to align Objectives which are set for the same year and quarter. In this example we are aligning a department Objective (Create a new Support Forum) with a company Objective (Enhance Customer Satisfaction). Note that the reason we can align these two Objectives is because the success of one will directly contribute to the success of the other. After you are finished, click on the turquoise Save button.

2. Clicking the Reports tab in the menu on the left will bring up the Objective Alignment Diagram. This diagram will show all of the aligned Objectives. Objectives on the left are company Objectives, the ones in the middle are department Objectives and the ones on the right are individual user Objectives.

alignment diagram

In this example we have a company Objective on the left (Enhance Customer Satisfaction) that is aligned with the department Objective assigned to our IT department (Create a new Support Forum), which is in turn aligned with a user Objective assigned to Denis (Develop a launch framework) and another user Objective assigned to Bill (Hire 10 amazing Support Engineers).


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