Digital Maturity Index Card

Remote Working System Has Proved Itself as The Preferable Working Model of The Decade. We Offer Customized Solutions to Our Clients in order to Protect Business Continuity and Efficiency.

Corvisio templates provides tailormade solutions with a sustainable remote working model including effective communication practices and virtual teamwork.

Businesses which aim to adapt and integrate new technologies are in need of accelerating their digital transformation; therefore digital maturity frameworks are implemented to the working system of organizations. Digital Maturity Index (DMI) is basically used to measure the current state of an organization’s technology adoption, identify opportunities for improvement and implement strategies to achieve best practices. An effective digital maturity framework is the cornerstone of any organization’s digital transformation strategy. It enables companies to assess their current technology adoption and develop processes and methods to effectively integrate new technologies into their business operations. 

By means of Corvisio Digital Maturity Index Card, companies can track the necessary metrics during the digital transformation of their organization especially for the new working methodologies like remote or hibrid working. Implementing Corvisio Digital Maturity Index Card enables your company to track th right metrics for the stages of digital maturity.

Digital Maturity Index Card
provides planning to employee

Digital Maturity Index Card improves daily routine of your employees
outside of the office and enables to manage the work-life balance. It provides the tools for recruitment with a remote or hybrid working model, retaining top talented employees and identification of remote working teams.

Consider Your Values

Digital Maturity Index Card provides tailormade solutions with a sustainable remote working model including effective communication practices and virtual teamwork.

Performance Management

An effective performance management is possible within the remote working policy. With the purpose of increasing productivity and identifying improvement areas our templates build the roadmaps for the accurate performance management.

In-depth Analysis

We collect all the data, taking into account your target positions, strategies and expectations. Then we use the right analysis tools to formulate the best approach for your company's process.


Digital Maturity Index Card also provide strategic management for a sustainable business model for the remotely or hybrid working teams. Our template grant that performance management and KPIs which are used in traditional working standarts are implemented virtually as well.

The digital maturity index is a tool that measures the digital readiness of an organization and creates a digital maturity for the necessary improvements. DMI provides a great way to benchmark your company against competitors and see how you stack up in terms of your ability to use technology in your day-to-day operations. Corvisio Digital Maturity Index Card creates a framework that evaluates your organization’s digital capabilities and helps to outline the steps needed for improvement. Using Digital Maturity Index helps companies to identify their position in line with the diffenrent dimensions of maturitysuch as governance, customer experience, business process, information management, and technology.

Corvisio Digital Maturity Index card collests digital maturity assessment in order to answer specific questions for the levels of digital transformation. DMI assesses how effectively a company uses technology to achieve its goals and objectives in digital age. Corvisio Digital Maturity Index Card gathers the strategic points under main titles as Technology, Process and Organization.

How to Measure Performance Management within Remote Working?

Benefits of Digital Transformation

In today’s fast-paced digital world, traditional business models are shifting to accommodate the exponential growth of digital technologies and accompanying changes in consumer behavior. As a result, companies across all industries are now facing new challenges and opportunities centered around digitization. With digitization as a key differentiator for businesses, organizations that can rapidly adapt their business processes to respond to new market demands will have a strategic advantage over their slower competitors.

 Now, Discover the potential of today’s technologies via digital transformation and improve your business volume by reaching out more customers!


The cloud systems grant effective decision-making opportunities by storing real-time and historical data together.

Operational Efficiency

The digital systems also provide operational efficiency hence all vital data is stored in the digital environment which enables quick access.

Accessibility to Analyze

Analysis processes are optimized and losses are prevented by accessibility to company's data.

Fast Action Capacity

A well-organized digitalization process saves time for employees to complete the tasks one another by accessing the stored data on the cloud.

Corporate Memory

Digital transformation of historical data enables teams -and companies- to recognize & get over past mistakes, learn from experience and achieve repeat success.

Performance Measurements

Digital Transformation all enables managers to monitor the progress of the employees by keeping track of department performances.


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