What is the main difference between goals and OKRs?

Goals vs. Objectives

There isn't obvious differences at first glance. Main difference between goals and OKRs is small but vital.

For example, let's set a goal, and express it by a sentence like "Increase company's revenue to $2M." It can be seen easily, goal contains both action and target: increasing and $2M.

However, for a company, there're so many components. And, if someone wants to take company where the goal stands, it is not effective to say that our goal is increasing revenue to $2M. That defines only the aim; but what steps should company take, and how these steps should be implemented?

When we look at this perception, it is required that goal should be divided into to pieces. One piece is called Objective. Objective is the point where we wanna go. We may determine an objective like "Increasing our company's revenue".

Then, the other piece contains steps that we should take. Some key results that approaches us to main Objective, such as "making $2M revenue".

Thanks to OKR methodology, a company's goal can be analyzed. This ensures convenience of implementing in the real world. Otherwise, there is no way for solving problem in complicated world; without analyzing.

All of these above may be a brief notion about the main difference between goals and OKRs.