Strategic Planning with GoalsStrategic Planning

A goal is a specific aim, an end result or something to achieve. It is the main step in achieving the vision of the company. Let’s talk about strategic planning with goals and objectives. When we want to decide our company goal, we should ask ourselves “What is the place of my company?”. For example, a goal for a football team might be to have 30 qualified players and active coaches. A company may set a few goals which will outline a path to achieving the target. The goal for football team will be an important step to achieve the vision of becoming the best football team in the league. Without strategic planning with goals and objectives, that team has a big risk to fail.

Strategic Planning with Objectives

Objective is a kind of measure of change in order to get the results indicating the achievement of the goal. Every goal may require a few objectives that will be the keys of achieving the goals.

There is often a big confusion about differences between goal and objective. Goal is a kind of description of a target, an objective is a measure of the progress that is needed to get to the destination.

It is significant to get the main idea that a number of goals must be set up before the strategic plan can be achieved. Likewise, each goal in the strategic plan will in turn require a number of objectives to be successfully achieved. The number of objectives needed for each goal can be anything, but the usual range is 1 to 6.


Strategies describe a major approach or method for reaching objectives and resolving important issues. They start to answer the question, “How will we go about accomplishing our objectives?”

Strategies describe a general approach or method. They don’t describe specific activities or projects.

For example, a strategy to grow the sales of a company. Tactics for that strategy would then include the advertisements, hiring and training necessary staff.