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Focus, Communication And Efficiency Within The Company!

Supercharge your managers &
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The goal is the sum of all steps, and those steps are OKR. If you determine 
your steps correctly, you will reach your goal successfully!

Corvisio ensures that the steps you take for your company stand firmly.

Set Your Goals

Follow It


How to start using Corvisio OKR?

1. Create an Objective

Write a Objective name, choose user, department or company, select quarter and save your objectives.

2. Add a Key Result

Write a key result name, choose unit to measure, set update interval and save Key Result!

3. Submit an Update

Add and save note about this key result.

4. Update Score

Update your score by dragging and save. Done!

Benefits of OKRs

Fosters Better Communication

It promotes transparency by letting everyone have access to what others are doing. This will enable employees to understand the goals of the company and what their individual contributions should be.

Denis Hendricks Strategist of Albert Solino

OKRs foster a sense of responsibility and autonomy in employees. It gives them a sense of accountability and ‘mutual obligation’.

It Promotes Collaboration

Another OKR benefit is that it ensures alignment, interdependency and unity among employees/teams. It promotes collaboration which facilitates better problem-solving.

It Saves Time When Setting Goals

Setting goals can be a difficult and time-consuming process. However, with this framework, goal-setting is fast and easy for every level of the organisation.

Our Integrations

Google, Facebook, Calendar, Outlook and LinkedIn.

OKR Coaching and Support With Corvisio

Our training and support team is always there for you to get your company OKRs up and running!