Work From Home Efficiently in Corona Days

As the new type of Corona virus (COVID-19) makes its presence felt in our country, businesses are also starting to encourage their employees to work from home for precautionary purposes. This situation not only provides a proactive measure in terms of health, but also allows employees to fulfill their responsibilities in their comfort areas without any concern.

Although working from home seems to offer a seemingly comfortable environment, it has some difficulties in itself. However, these difficulties can be easily overcome with a planned and disciplined program.

Recommendations you can adopt to work effectively and productively from home:

work_from_home_breakfast1) Create Morning and Evening Routines

Being able to create a routine comes at the forefront of success.

Therefore, if possible, start working at the same time as in your business life.

– You should plan your breaks effectively to help increase productivity.

– Walks in sunny and clean weather will increase your motivation.

Additionally you must also plan your working routine. To make this you can use the OKR technique. Using a software while setting goals and tracking its outcomes will save time. Here at Corvisio we have a solution who needs a software to plan both their daily and business life! You can find various type of templates also!




work_from_home_family2) Let Your Family Know That You Work From Home

Take the necessary steps to ensure that your family or housemates you live with are aware that you are working from home. It will help you avoid distractions when you need to focus during the day or while on a meeting.

In this regard, create a unique workspace and focus on creating a line that can distinguish working time from other times.






work_from_home_suit_up3) Be Careful About Your Clothes When You Work From Home

Although working from home provides comfort to the person, there may be disadvantages. For example, efficiency may decrease due to a preferred comfortable clothing. While working at home, formal clothing cannot be preferred or clothes that will make the person feel more comfortable than necessary should be avoided.





work_from_home_sitting4) Pay Attention to Your Working Position

In order to work efficiently in your workplace, elements such as table position, seat height,

monitor distance are designed in advance in terms of ergonomics. However, it may not be possible to provide this situation at home in every opportunity. Attention should be paid to the way of sitting in order not to complain about neck, waist and eye pain. Computer, pen, notepad etc. that you can use during the study. Keeping the position of the elements in a certain order will save you time.