Corvisio Task Management Feature Updates


As Corvisio, we aim to keep ourselves up to date and meet the needs of our users. Recent improvements that are done by our team on Task Management modules follows:

  1. Increased Speed and Usability

When we go to the Task Management Module, we are welcomed by the charts with the status and number of tasks.
Now you can reach it from the “Reports” section under the drop-down menu, which is positioned on the left side of the screen.

In addition, by adding “open tasks” and “filter” buttons on the right side of the screen, a simple and user-friendly design has been made.
When you click to the “open tasks” button here, there are three categories:

  • Past
  • Completed
  • Should be completed in this week

You can filter your tasks by choosing the ones you need from these categories.
When you click to the other button, the “filter” button, you can access the filtering feature on this page.

  1. Easy Task Mark

Another new feature: You can change the status of the task quickly and easily. To do this, go to the left of the relevant task line;
just click “check mark” in the “status” column.

Since your task will be “done” after the click, your task will be removed from the page to the “completed” page.
To go back to this task, you can follow the path “open tasks”> “completed” and edit your changes and additions, if any.

If you marked task as completed and change its status to not completed again, you can do it by following the path “open tasks” > “completed”. And just click to the green “check mark” in the first column.

  1. Due date highlighter

And finally, you may see two different colors in the “due date” column. If the date color is red, that means your task’s due date is today or you have missed your task’s due date.

With these developments, we hope that they will help you on the way to corporate progress, and benefits that you get from Corvisio will increase further.

For a better Corvisio, please do not hesitate to send feedback.