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With the coronavirus pandemic, many employees switched to  remote work, and remote work has become a globally accepted model. Will this order take a permanent place in our lives? With many companies discovering the benefits of working from home, can businesses consider this process as an opportunity to adapt and change the new world order?
In this rough Covid-19 pandemic days, it is not easy to come together and work with your colleagues. The fact that the employees are physically distant from each other requires everyone to have a high level of responsibility. In addition, agreement is important when working remotely. It is very important in the companies that everyone on the team is on the same page and can work in coordination. Especially as the enterprise grows, it becomes difficult to follow different parts of the work.  
Task management tools developed to address these problem of enterprises by Corvisio. Everyone in the team can use Corvisio’s Task Management module to achieve their OKR or manage their personal and business goals . Here is the new updates of Corvisio Task Management module: My Tasks page.

What’s New on My Tasks Page?

Corvisio My Tasks Page-home_page

1. Categorize Your Tasks

With the help of new updates you can categorize your tasks in order to reach quickly to your tasks and navigate between them as;

  • Incomplete:Corvisio My Tasks-incomplete_tasks

-Recently Assigned,



  • Completed:

Corvisio My Tasks-completed_tasks

-Last week,

-Last month,


2. Easy Access in My Tasks Page

  • Quick review and edit:

Corvisio My Tasks-taks_quick_review

When you click on a task on My Tasks Page; a window opens on the left side of the screen to easy access to the details abour your tasks. You can quickly check the details and edit your task, if necessary.

  • Quick status update:


If you want to mark your incomplete task as completed, you can just click on the check mark on the left.

We are humans and sometimes we can click on sometihing by accidentally. In such a situation, there is also an easy way to undo.


Corvisio sends you an notification at the right end of the page, and offers  changing tasks status by clicking on the undo button on the notification.

As Corvisio, we aim to keep ourselves up to date and meet the needs of our users. For a better Corvisio, please do not hesitate to send feedback.

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