Art of 5 Realistic Goal Setting


Everybody has achievements they’d like to obtain in life.  As a result of obtain this achievement, we gain motivation and self-reliance. So, these achievements keep us dynamic is  to work and set goals. If we set a realistic goals, we will be more successful. How to set realistic goals?

1-Make a decision about what you want to achieve

The first step in setting any goals is deciding what you what you want. Most people have a general sense of things they want but the important thing, you can choose one of you want and determine a specific path. For instance, you want to achieve, then what is achievement? What subject do you want to be achieved? What do i have to do to achievement? If you set a strategic goal in line with the answers to these questions, you know your way and you can shoot a point.

Our general goal must be  personally convincing. At this stage, our target can be long-term or short-term. As long as you take note of them, it will be useful for you. In this way, you can be organize that you want and you can know where to start.

2-Your goals must be specific

Before you can determine if a target is realistic, you have to make that goal specific. This will give you clarity on what you need to achieve. Specific goals are also more motivating and achievable than unclear one. If your goals is unclear, they can be misconstrued and easily skipped over.

With vague goals is’s very easy to get discouraged, because you may not feel like you are getting closer to due to having no clear end in sight. You provide precision to your program with clear plan and achieve your goals.

3-Research to desired goalResearch-to-desired-goal

Determining how challenging a goal is require research. The more you know about your goal the better for you. If you are not sure you are know enough to follow through on a goal. It probably is not realistic.

4-Set goals that are timely

Every set goal should improve within a time frame. If there is not time frame, your work impulse decreases. For your goals,you must plan.  Although, you to face difficult, you should not give up and should adhere your plan. As long as you go on your plan, your feeling of completeness will always motivate.

5-Consider personal limitations  for your realistic goals

You’ve probably heard people around say ‘if you believe and want,you win’. Most of the time, while this expression is motivating, your personal limitations reduce realism of your goals. You should carefully consider whether the goals you have set are reasonable for you.

Obstacles can come in many different ways and while you can be overcome some problem, other things may not be overcome. To avoid such situations, you consider personal limitations, when you setting goals.