8 Benefits of Remote Work

The global coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we work to a different style. With more than 1,000,000 infected with the virus, many companies are temporarily shutting down their offices to reduce the spread of infections. Most of the big tech companies announced that much of their workforce will not come to the office. Instead, they will be working remotely. Maybe you heard about remote work just now, you can take a look at this article to learn what remote work is.In this article, I will try to explain slightly what remote work is and what are  the benefits of remote work.

Benefits of Remote Work

What Is Remote Work?

You probably have heard about “telecommuting” or “working from home”, but the term “remote work” simply means any work you do that does not require commuting into an office. In other words, working remotely allows professionals to work from outside of a fixed office area. The spectrum of remote work is huge and can be amazingly flexible. Some people can combine this work style with a few days in the office while others will probably never meet their colleagues face to face.

The antecedent to working remotely is this: thanks to the 21st century and new technologies, you can successfully complete projects and communicate with your team – even manage a team as all companies now do because of the coronavirus spread – without being in the same office or even the same city or country. That means you can work remotely from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and internet. The key here is internet.

Remote work is certainly on the rise. It allows you to plan your day according to your priorities and requirements. Perhaps you are most productive in the evening rather than being an early bird. With remote work, you are free to make the decision as to how and when you complete your tasks. As long as you meet your deadlines, you can choose your own working style.
Even employers are starting to understand why remote work can be useful for a company. Saving on office costs, a more content workforce and even productivity gains are all attractive propositions to be considered. With technology making it much easier to stay in touch and work outside the office, remoting is making headway in the job world.

So, as we talked about the remote work, now we can focus on the benefits of remote work.

Benefits of Remote Work

1.Create Your Own Workspace

When you work remotely, you can create the office or workspace as you wish. Say goodbye to cubicles and say hello to setting up a space that helps you get as creative and productive as possible. You can fit your office wherever it fits in your life. You do not have to have fill a corner of your living room with an ugly desk, a huge screen and a stupid chair.  All you need is a good internet connection and a space where you will not get interrupted frequently. It is important that you have a designated working space that helps you get into the zone and do not forget to take your health and wellbeing into account. Turn your breakfast counter into your standing desk or invest in an ergonomic chair, because a healthy back makes for a happy person.

2.Flexible Schedule

A flexible schedule allows you to design your work routine around other aspects of their life. You can work around their appointments and during illnesses -as coronavirus spread- without the fear of infecting others. Additionally, you can run out for quick errands and continue with the work when they return.

Working remotely gives you the freedom to set your own schedule. You can take breaks at any time you want. You can go for a walk for, eat lunch at any time you want etc. Even if you do work office hours, if you have a 15-minute break, you can spend your time doing something valuable, get some exercise, get some day light and sit outside. Especially, these are the things that you ought to do for your mental health during this current COVID-19 isolation period.

3.Better Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is one of the most important benefit that usually comes to mind first when considering about remote work. Many remote jobs come with flexible schedule, which means that you are free to make the decision as to how and when you complete your tasks. As long as you finish your duties on time, you can select your own working style. Working in a style like that can be very valuable when it comes to attending to the needs of your personal life. Some examples are:

  • Picking up the kids from school
  • Attending in a fitness class in the morning
  • Doing shopping in the middle of the day etc.

4.Increased ProductivityBenefits of Remote Work

According to the reports by productivity coach, Steve Pavlina, workers are only productive for 90 minutes out of 480 minutes. That means the productivity is just 19%.

One of the critical point that employers are afraid is low productivity. Employers can think that when their employees. However, in reality, lack of office distractions and greater autonomy encourage remote employees to work double as hard and get more done duties in one day.

Most of the remote workers report that remote work increase their productivity. For example, being at home allows employees to be comfortable and focus on their job for hours without distractions.

5.Better Health

Working remotely can lead to better health in lots of ways. Some examples are:

  • More time for physical activity
  • Capable of eating healthier
  • Give chances to stay away from illnesses like -coronavirus-

But especially, the most important health benefit of remote work is lower stress. According to the reports, remote working reduced stress by as much as 82%.  These are some reasons why working remotely decrease the stress level:

  • No daily commute
  • Greater control over work environment
  • More work-life balance

At the end of the day, the flexibility of working remotely simply makes it easier to manage with stress.

6.Stronger Communication

Remote work, you can think that you will never have contact with your direct supervisor or manager, who will be likely located far away from you. Of course, this could not be more untrue.One of the benefits of remote work is stronger communication.

There are so many tools nowadays that make communication between 2 people who are not in the same location easier than ever. Also, messages are more detailed, since it is more crucial to say everything you need to say concisely. Also, if you are a manager, you don’t need to follow all your employees by calling or sending e-mails to them. There are lots of tools for manage the tasks. For example as Corvisio, we provides task management tool for all companies who would like to work in good system in these hard days.

If we go back to communication, a survey which is completed by remote workers recently that asked the question “ How often do you contact with your supervisor?” More than half of the remote workers said that they spoke to their supervisors once or more in a day.

7.Commute Savings

For people who are located from far away their work places, the daily routine of going and coming back from office is not only taxing on the soul, but also taxing on one’s budget. If you drive yourself to work, you are adding miles to your car every single day. That decrease the value of your car. Also, you are spending money on fuel, paying more for auto insurance etc.

On the other hand, this is not only about car, but also official lunches etc. When you work in a office, you have to spend money for lunch every day. When you work remotely, you can decrease the cost of food. If we come to the most important point is “time”. You are not losing hours for going and coming from work. According to reports, every people spends 260 hours per year which is almost 11 days. Imagine what else you can do in this time? Remember, time is the most valuable thing that we can have even more than money!

Benefits of Remote Work8.Being Totally Independent

It is much more than just the benefit of getting work done in the clothes that you wish. When you work remotely, you have to learn how to encourage yourself, self-discipline, self-motivation and so on. Remote work is built on the belief that you will get your work done before the deadline. In other words, you don’t have to sit on a chair for 30-40 hours in a week. As you work remotely, your supervisor will focus the quality of the result not how many hours you work on it.

In addition, when you work remotely, you don’t have your colleagues just a feet away from you. When you have some questions , you will find yourself developing skill of looking for your own answers and becoming more proactive to find what you need on your own.


Nowadays, working remotely or working from home is becoming so commonplace because of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our world has been going through in a difficult time for a few months. At Corvisio, we really would like to make these hard days easier as much as we can for all companies which are in health industry. All medical companies and healthcare professionals can use our Task Management Module for free during the coronavirus pandemic.

By using our Task Management System you can track your tasks, meet deadlines, and stay organized with your team working remotely. You can keep your tasks in one place and prioritize your work. By using Corvisio Task Management Module, you can increase productivity no matter where you are working from.

For more information please feel free to contact with us!

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Please stay safe and healthy!