6 Golden Rules of Working Remotely

6 Golden Rules Of Remote Work

6 golden rules of remote work

It's been four or five weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a mass shift to remote work. For many workers, it's been a period of huge uncertainty, anxiety and enforced agility while adapting to a new normal.

The layout changed completely for remote workers: from tech issues like unreliable internet speeds and phone networks, to having to learn the etiquette of video meetings, to the loss of the camaraderie and collaboration in the office kitchen or lunch room where invaluable insights are shared. In addition to psychologically supporting staff, bosses are looking for ways to keep them as efficient as possible from home. Most employees are in despair in this situation and are worried about the future. But remember: everyone is in the same situation. Nobody goes to the office while you work from home or no one works outside while you are not able to go out by drinking your coffee.

We all unite in one common point while we all experience the same situations. And we ask ourselves the question: how can I manage my work from home efficiently ?

Many articles, videos, posts etc. things were shared. Most of us are confused or most of us are conscious. Okay! Gone are the days where working from home means sitting in pajamas all day. While it’s definitely a perk not to have to battle the morning commute anymore, working from home or remotely is a great privilege that comes with professional and personal responsibility. Whether you’re branching out on your own as a freelancer or have negotiated remote arrangements with your current employer, here are the golden rules to follow to make it remote work for you!

Firstly, create your workspace, because working time!

working-from-homePeople are quickly affected by their environment, even if they are not aware of it. While being happy with something beautiful, something ugly can instantly make you nervous. this is entirely due to the selectivity of the human eye. Even people without aesthetic concerns have an aesthetic. Selectivity in human nature begins from birth. Why breast milk? Did we have to drink it because it was given to us? No. Our body chose it. There are aesthetic perceptions that appeal to all our sensory organs. We don't just see good things. We can feel, smell, hear. That's why we should have things around us that make us feel peaceful and comfortable.

Most people say their work areas should be regular. What? Maybe I want all my stuff in front of me. I can remote work when everything is in front of me. Maybe my aesthetic perception is fed by complexity. Therefore, you should not act with generalizations. Nobody knows you better than you. So you are free when creating your workspace.

The most important thing to remember: you will always work there!
So you are responsible for that ugly flower pot you put!

Don't forget you're still working. Wake up!


You may be having a very peaceful dream. For example, fishing in the middle of the lake. Waking up is like torture! But don't forget you're still working. Wake up!
Usally, when you went to the office you would wake up a few hours ago. You washed your hands and your face, you would have breakfast, you would get dressed and look at the clock...
Oh my god! I am late!

and you would run away from home. A new era begins now! When you wake up turn on your computer and start your day by checking your mails with your pajamas. You can wash your face if you want.
The important thing is to get out of the comfort of home. Waking up at work time and starting remote work is appreciated by your bosses.
Anyone who works from home receives a welcome amount of flexibility in setting their own hours. However, if you’re not careful this could end up with you working from 7 PM until 2 AM or setting other offbeat hours that make it tough to communicate with anyone else on your team. You don't want to experience such things. So wake up earlylike going work!

Choose the right tools

Choosing the right tools that will help you control your company’s workflow, organize communication channels and enable consistent project management is definitely worth giving a thought to before the outset.
To keep everything under control during this period, it is the healthiest to provide communication with constantly entered data. Asking your team or boss about the constantly awaited job is a waste of time. Instead, the tool you use gives you back the time you lost with the question.

If work is a bridge, the Information and implementation parts are legs. Can you say that one foot doesn't have to be strong?
Corvisio gives you as strong foot and a smooth bridge as you wish.

 Educate the people around you!


Yes! Your father get into your room and he can say "hey kid! What are you doing? haha " suddenly. Moreover, you are meeting with your bosses and your microphone is on! So you have to train the people around you. They should continue their life at home, being aware that you are working. Your location may be different, but the job you have to do remains just as important. If you have other people around the house with you, let them know that you are working and need to be given peace and quiet with interruptions and distractions kept to a minimum.

Even if your boss does not witness your relationship with your father, there should be nothing to distract you from. And most importantly, they should respect!

Don't forget your office or your team. Communication is everything!


You can just contact with your friends in office by eyes contact. You can even find yourself drinking coffee on the terrace with a glance. But it's not possible when you're at home. People can communicate easily when they are together, but when body language and eye contact are interrupted, things become difficult. If there is not sound, wow! Things get more complicated. That's why, you should maximize your communication skills.

what-is-remote-workWorking from home does not mean that you are working alone. It is important not to feel isolated and that you are still a vital part of a wider team which is why regular communication matters so much. Try not to limit this contact purely to remote work tasks either. Make it a point to attend events and activities outside of office hours, as showing up can help you solidify and maintain those relationships with colleagues.
Most important, you can use the communication tools in the most efficient way. For example, if you want to keep track of your tasks and job status, you can use Corvisio OKR Software. You can follow the remote work of your team, so you can manage the moments of crisis. When presenting reports to your bosses, your head will be upright! Of course, you will need to send a photo for this.

Stay motivated because if you are good, everything will be good for you!

home-officeLack of motivation is the scourge of the home worker. Once enthusiasm levels drop, even the most mundane of household chores can become a welcome distraction. Then there is the lure of social media, online shopping and TV. If your motivation falls into every vibration, you are in trouble with you!

We understand. You are at home, you are not going out. Also, the place where you watch and remote work is the same! It sounds terrible! But we can change the scenario as follows. You do not wake up from sleep in the morning and fall on the roads. You don't have to be adorn and look beautiful. If you are unhappy, you don't have to laugh. You don't have to iron the shirts at night. You don't have to chase the bus. in short, you don't have to do anything, except work. because you are at home! Another major source of motivation: everyone is at home!

Long story short, everything has good and bad sides in working from home. But it is very difficult to be unhappy unless you condition yourself. Determine your expectations according to what you can do at home, do not interrupt your team, stay connected to business hours, Follow your work and work at your desk, not in bed! After doing these things will develop everything spontaneously.

Remember that, if you are happy, you can make happy.